Puppy Preschool Kingsgrove

It's an extremely exciting time when you welcome a new puppy into your home, but how do you ensure they grow into a good dog that is well-behaved, socialised and toilet trained?

Puppy preschool is a great place to start in helping your puppy become a happy, obedient and well-adjusted fur baby. In these classes, your puppy will have a safe space to play and socialise with other pups, and you will learn a lot of tips and tricks to help raise your new dog. Here are some of the topics that you will cover when you enrol in puppy preschool:

  • Proper handling techniques
  • Prevention of common behavioural problems (eg: biting, digging, jumping)
  • Toilet training
  • Mastering basic commands (eg: sit, stay, come, etc.)
  • Health care issues
  • Desensitisation to loud noise (eg: fireworks, thunderstorms)
  • Enrichment to prevent boredom when your puppy is alone

When Does Puppy Preschool Run?

Our classes run for 1 hour between 7pm and 8pm on a weeknight over 4 consecutive weeks. Each class is limited to 4 or 5 puppies to ensure that each dog and their owner is receiving individual attention. Because of this, classes book out quick, so call to book or enquire about the next starting date for puppy preschool. Any puppy aged 8 to 18 weeks is welcome, no matter their size!

Where is Puppy Preschool Held?

Puppy Preschool is held in Beverly Hills Animal Hospital, which is conveniently located for our local community. We see many puppies from our neighbouring suburbs such as Narwee, Penshurst, Peakhurst, Kingsgrove, Hurstville, Riverwood, Mortdale, Roselands, Rockdale, Kogarah, Padstow, Revesby, Panania, Oatley, Earlwood, Lakemba, Punchbowl and more.

What is Included?

Each puppy will receive free 'puppy packs' that contain class notes, free gifts, food samples and discount vouchers. Upon completing the 4 week course, each puppy (even the naughty ones!) will receive a graduation certificate!

Graduation Night

On the final night of puppy preschool, we have graduation night! This is a fun opportunity to dress up your pets, and the 'best dressed' will win a prize! There will be plenty of photos taken and you can see some of them on our instagram or facebook pages. 

How Much is Puppy Preschool?

Our puppy preschool is set at an affordable price point, as we believe all puppies should have the opportunity to be socialised and learn proper training from an early age. The total cost for all 4 sessions is only $140, which is why we book out quickly! Give us a call to find out when the next session is starting and book your puppy in for some learning and fun.